Due to some issues with the NCAA Certification, the 2017 PBC Pro Am League can not be held. The issue is complex, yet petty due to the NCAA requiring the event be submitted for certification 45 days prior to the event and the leagues annual insurance being updated approximately one week later than the NCAA requirement. Be assured every attempt was made to discuss and amend this issue with the NCAA to no avail.

In previous years, our certification application was submitted 45 days in advance and pended by the NCAA for receipt of the PBC new insurance certificate which would annually be issued approximately one week after this deadline. In May 2016, calls were made to the NCAA asking if it would simplify our process if rather than submitting our application and there pending the application for receipt of the new insurance, would it be easier to simply submit the application a few days later with complete information. The NCAA advised us this would make sense.

In all there wisdom, in May 2017 when submitting the application as discussed, the NCAA approved the application, but would not allow the Division I players to play in the league the 1st week. My application was received 38 days in advance rather than 45. My application was submitted with all updated information the NCAA required to approve the application. The time frame to approve would not have changed had I submitted the application to be pended 45 days prior or I submit the application in full 38 days prior. This reasoning was to no avail. and truly highlights the issues of dealing with the NCAA, common sense usually does not prevail.

My apologies to the many fans and players who so looked forward to the league every summer. I am not sure anyone truly did anything  wrong. At best, the delay in the application was inadvertent and done with good intent  of only streamlining the process. Sadly the NCAA does  not operate in that manner.

Thank you to all and we will return the league in 2018!