I hope this finds everyone well and safe.

I have received many emails and texts concerning the 2020 Fall League season. Like all of you, we are anxious to return to the gyms and host our annual Fall League. The Pittsburgh Basketball Club is working closely with area athletic directors and school administrators to formulate a plan to allow us to safely return to the gyms for our annual league.

At this time, I ask for everyone’s patience. No decisions have been made in regard to holding the Fall League at this time. Many school districts are still formulating there plans to return students to school safely in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. Once this is accomplished and the schools are able to safely re-open as well as fall sports being kicked off, a plan to safely hold our annual fall league will be finalized and announced.  This will require everyone’s co-operation!

When it is safe to start the league, we will contact everyone immediately and begin the planning for this fall tradition. I am sure everyone will be anxious to be with their teams and players and get back on the court. Until then everyone, please be safe and adhere to all social distancing guidelines.