The 2017-18 PBC-BC Bantam league has been a big success. We will be crowning champions in 9 divisions beginning Tuesday March 6, 2018 with champions being crowned in our White Conference in grades 4-5-6 at Sto-Rox Middle School.

Championship week then will switch to Montour High School on March 7 and 8 where we will crown champions in our Gold and Blue conferences in grades 4-5-6.

After much debate last year about which conference was the stronger conference, we will hold a “Night of Champions” March 12, 2018 at Sto-Rox Middle School between the champions in grades 4,5,6 of the Gold and Blue divisions.

There are 2 semifinal games being played in our White Division March 5, 2018, but here is the schedule of game as of this writing. We will update this after tomorrow nights games.

March 5 at Sto-Rox Middle School SEMI FINALS

6 Pm 5th semi white Avonworth White 5 vs. Montour Gold 5

7 PM 6th grade semi white Sto-Rox 6  vs. Brentwood 6

 March 6th at Sto-Rox Middle School

545- 4th grade white championship Montour Gold 4  vs. Avonworth 4

700 PM 5th grade WHITE championship Ambridge 5  vs Montour Gold/Avonworth White winner

815 Pm 6th grade WHITE championship Ellwood City  vs. Sto-Rox/Brentwood winner

March 7 at Montour 9/10

6:00 Pm 4th grade Championship BLUE Avonworth 4 (Light) vs Central Valley 4 (dark)

7:00 Pm 5th Grade Championship GOLD Aliquippa 5 (Light) vs. Moon 5 (Dark)

8:00 PM 6th grade Championship BLUE Avonworth (Light) vs Burgettstown (Dark)

MARCH 8 at Montour 9/10

6:00 PM 4th Grade Championship GOLD Aliquippa 4  vs. Beaver Falls 4

7:00 Pm 5th grade championship BLUE Avonworth 5  vs Beaver 5

8:00 PM 6th Grade Championship GOLD Aliquippa 6  vs. Blackhawk 6

MARCH 12 at Sto-Rox Middle School – Tournament of Champions

6:00 Pm 4th grade Gold champion vs 4th grade Blue Champion

7:00 PM 5th grade Gold champion vs 5th grade Blue Champion

8:00 Pm 6th grade Gold Champion vs 6th grade Blue Champion